“Love, Friendship, & Betrayal”

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The book, “Love, Friendship, & Betrayal” was successfully launched at the Motion Picture Association of Antigua and Barbuda (MPAAB), gala on October 31st, 2022. It was a Red-Carpet event with over 300 patrons in attendance. The first segment was dedicated to the book launch, while the highlight of the second segment was the showing of a short film – No Body Hit me Pickney. This film won the award- of Best Student Film, at the COMMFFEST film festival in Canada.

The story of cannabis is not over

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In 2018, seventeen years after granting legal access to medical cannabis, Canada legalized its recreational use. Many people thought that this would be the end of the story. But it was only the end of the second chapter. The rest of the book on Canada’s cannabis legalization is still being written.
Regardless of cannabis being legal the stigma of 100 years of prohibition and propaganda is still very present.

Will integrating work-related and community development projects with academia, become the next gateway for student learning?

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The world is changing and those changes are accelerating rapidly.The pillars of traditional hierarchical thinking are crumbling thanks to the power of social networks, increased digital transparency, focus to build healthier communities, create new pathways for economic development and examine dramatic shifts in global demographics.

Michael (Paul) Kent

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by Norman Hart

….It’s been a month now since Michael (Paul) Kent passed away in the bus shelter situated just under my 3rd floor bedroom window.
I first noticed Paul back in early May but thought nothing much of it at the time as I’d seen many homeless people rest in bus shelters as they wandered the streets… little did I realize that he had actually started to live in it. This is the time we were starting to live with Covid being around..

“Swimming Upstream

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Congratulations to COMMFFEST for a 15-year history of promoting socially conscious films, encouraging documentary film makers and bringing communities together for social empowerment.